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EMU Australia Women's Stinger Hi Mid-Calf Boot

EMU Australia Women's Stinger Hi Mid-Calf Boot
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EMU Australia Women's Stinger Hi Mid-Calf Boot



Availability: In stock
Our Price: $99.99 - $189.95
ChocolateChocolate TallMushroom

Emu Australia is an authentic Australian footwear company that uses only premium Australian sheepskin and Merino wool, along with the best footwear technologies available, to product a quality line of boots and slippers. Due to the unique properties of Merino wool your feet will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • Dual-density EVA sole

Product Details:
Product Length: 12.0 inches
Product Width: 8.0 inches
Product Height: 4.0 inches
Product Weight: 3.0 pounds
Package Length: 12.0 inches
Package Width: 12.0 inches
Package Height: 4.0 inches
Package Weight: 1.0 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 247 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 247 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

118 of 121 found the following review helpful:

5Emu Stinger Hi WAY Better than Bronte Hi  Jan 08, 2010
By AMR "DCC83"
These shoes are AMAZING, I treat them like they're my first born child. I am going to apologize in advance for my long review, I just want to answer some of the questions that I had when I was ordering them.

1st: These are authentic EMU Stinger boots. Contrary to what another reviewer said they do have a removable insole. I think it just depends on who you are ordering them from. I ordered them directly from Amazon. Free shipping baby!

2nd: Order them in your correct size, if you wear a half size normally, order a size down. This will give you some room to grow as the shoes will stretch to fit your foot.

3rd: The Chocolate is an absolutely glorious color for them.

4th: They are very, very warm. I know the ad suggests the can be worn on a warm day, but I would not suggest it. They are definitely for colder weather.

5th: The EMU Stinger Hi are in a completely different class than the EMU Bronte Hi boots. I got a pair of the Brontes for Christmas that were purchased at a department store. I was not exactly pleased with the quality of the BRONTE shoe. The wool on the inside was very rough and itchy. The shoes were made of leather and looked cheap and worn out. The BRONTES kind of looked like a pair of suede shoes that had gotten wet. However the Stinger Hi were much, much nicer. They were made of genuine sheep skin and the fur on the inside was sooo soft and luxurious. The inside of the Brontes looked like uncombed hair, but the inside of the Stingers matched the color of the boot and was trimmed to fit nicely in the boot without being noticeable. Again, the insole of the Stinger was removable, the Bronte did not have a removable insole.

6th: I understand that some people may be tempted to purchase the Brontes because they seem more economical. But that would not benefit you in the long run. I was very fortunate to purchase a pair of the Stingers off of Amazon for about $70. This was the same price that the Brontes I received for Christmas were at a department store. I told my gift givers to return these sub-par shoes and I ordered the much nicer STINGERS from Amazon. Well worth the 2 week wait to get them after Christmas. So if you don't see a price that you like on Amazon, wait it out, they may go on more of a sale after a couple weeks. Worst case scenario take a couple weeks to save up the extra difference and just get the STINGERS. You will be happy with your choice.

7th: These are much better looking than UGGS. They don't make you look like your feet are boats. The back of them dip in a little on the heel to give you a snug fit. They also have nice arch support which UGGS do not have. You don't feel like you're walking around in house slippers when you wear them. At full price they cost $40 less than a similar style of UGG and they are much nicer shoes. Definitely makes me feel like a bank robber since I got mine for less than half the price of a pair of UGGS.


61 of 62 found the following review helpful:

5The only Emu boot style you should buy!  Jul 11, 2008
By MaraCon
I love these- the quality of these boots are superb. I have a few pairs of Uggs and Emus- they are all my favorite (depending on the day), but I absolutely love these boots. I have them in black, and didn't find the dye transfer on my feet an issue.
I am a size 8.5, and find the 8 fitting just right. There is a bit of arch and heel support that Ugg Classics lack.
If choosing between these and the Emu Bronte Hi, forget the Brontes and buy these instead. You definitely pay for the quality and it is worth it! I buy my 4 year old the Brontes, and splurge on the good ones for myself!
Very comfy, practical, sexy, and chic! I love my boots!

35 of 38 found the following review helpful:

5so fabulous  Oct 17, 2008
By Katie M. Gonzalez
I just bought these boots and they are on my feet right now as Im writing this review. I thought they were so amazing as far as quality and the comfort is also super. I also have worn Uggs which are really good, but I am surprised to find that I like these better as far as comfort. A great BUY!!!!!

14 of 14 found the following review helpful:

4I've done the research!  Apr 15, 2010
By B. Lester "jinx0924"
This review might be a little long, but it may help you in your search for sheepskin boots.
I ordered Bearpaws last year with the lug sole. Great boots, and if you plan on wearing them in the winter, the lug sole is a huge plus. The lining was merino wool, not the pricer shearling, but still very warm. Bearpaws do run true to size, maybe a little smaller than UGG and EMU, plus they are a 1/3 of the cost. I went to Macys to try on the EMU boots and couldnt decide between the Bronte and Stinger version. Saleslady was very helpful, stating the higher priced Stinger had the better shearling lining and better overall construction. Seeing them side by side you could tell the difference.
I ordered a pair of EMU Hi premium Stingers from Amazons partner Warehouse Deals and was very pleased. They are definately bigger in size then my Bearpaws but the added removable insert was a nice suprise. They do have an arch support that I wasnt expecting. One thing I dont like about the EMU and Ugg boots is the cloth braid where the suede meets the sole. I always waterproof my boots but don't like the fabric on the boot. I wear them outside in the winter and dont know how well it will hold up, even with waterproofing. My Bearpaws with the lug sole are bonded to the suede with rubber which makes them a better choice for winter/slush/snow. I did a TON of research on the different linings between UGG/EMU/BEARPAWS. The merino wool which is the cheapest, is still very nice, just a little nappier than the shearling. The shearling that lines the EMU Stingers is definately top of the line. It is one solid peice, and is very soft on bare feet! I normally wear a size 9. The bearpaws fit perfectly in that size, but my size 9 EMU are a little roomier. Wish I had gotten an 8 instead, but the 9 still fits fine. The Stinger has a nice sole, but I think I will order the EMU Outback version that has the lug sole next since I wear them all winter and need the traction. Overall, for cost, the Bearpaws are just as nice as the EMU and UGG boot. The suede upper is a little stiffer than the UGG and EMU, but I dont mind that. EMU's are closer to UGG is style but cost more than BEARPAW. UGG is still the better known brand, but in my opinion, not worth the extra money unless you want the brand name. If you plan on wearing without socks, go for the shearling lining, its super soft! If you normally wear socks, the merino wool is just as warm. As for me, I think I'll be getting another pair of Bearpaws since you can't beat the cost and they do also have the wonderful shearling lining.

43 of 51 found the following review helpful:

2Not Authentic Emu Stinger  Dec 29, 2009
By LuLu "picky shopper"
I own a pair of chestnut authentic Emu Stinger boots purchased in a store. I thought I would take a chance and order another pair at this reduced price. They were ordered from Ruze Shoes via Amazon website. The pair I recieved WERE NOT authentic and I should have guessed given the price of $68.99 plus $1.01 shipping. The glue around the sole and sheepskin joining was visible (clear but shiny). More importantly the sheepskin insole WAS NOT removeable. If the Emu Stinger insoles you have do not come out then they ARE NOT authentic. Check the official Emu Australia website for details on that boot and they should have a removeable insole. Overall for $70 not too bad for a knock-off. I sent my back. Don't want a knock-off.

Another buyer made a comment that they were not authentic because they were in part made in China. That was not my concern. These days many high end manufacturers have parts made all over the world. Again...if your insoles do not come out then your boots are not authentic Emu Stinger. Removeable insoles for sheepskin boot are a must for me. I want to be able to replace the insole long before the boot is worn out. Other Emu styles do not have removeable insoles but the Stringer model specifically does.

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